Academic Coaching is for students who are achieving academic success as well as those who are academically struggling.

The ACP consists of 32 concepts delivered in 12 semi-structured individually tailored 45-60 minute sessions. 

The student and I address:

  • Grades
  • Disorganization and lack of motivation
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Frustration in relationships (parent/teen, sibling/sibling, teacher/student, coach/student, or student/peers)
  • Anxiety about college
  • How to self-advocate
  • Fear of failure
  • Athletic eligibility and mental skills coaching

The program is broken down into four portions:

Academic Success: Within the first three sessions we focus on creating a foundation to improve grades and reduce stress. We look at the student’s personality and motivation type as well as their academic and learning style.

Personal Fluency: Within this section we focus on building fluency with thoughts, emotions and habits as well as increasing self-awareness. We also address limiting beliefs, internal dialogue, assumptions and perspective’s.

Leadership and College: Personal leadership naturally leads to the ability to create an amazing college application.  Leadership is about vision, knowing where you want to go, and designing how you will get there.  This truly is one of the most important tools a student can develop and it is the third cornerstone of the Academic Coaching Program.

Designing a Support Team: Asking for help is a learned skill that student’s often do not develop because it makes them feel inadequate.  However, to be successful throughout life we need to be able to identify who is on our team as well as dismiss the ones who aren’t.

The Student will also receive:

  • Academic Coaching Student Workbook
  • Follow up parent email after every session
  • Between session email or text message support
  • 2- 1×1 coaching sessions with the parent(s), this is optional.

What are you waiting for, let’s get started!    

Cost: $780

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The program can be adjusted to fit your child’s needs, individual session also available. Contact Heather for more info!


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