I help teens and young adults with academics, indecision, and life direction.

Life was not meant to only be constructed of stories and ideas, it must be lived!

Life is generally complicated at any age.  We move one mountain and another appears.  We cannot control outcomes, but we can learn skills from evidence based coaching that enhance our goal setting, goal striving/attainment, self-awareness, self-regulation, mental health resilience as well as foster well being and hope.

Coaching or Success Coaching is a working partnership between the teen or young adult and the coach that focuses on developing new habits and behaviors to help the teen or young adult exercise personal leadership within their life, school, home, and community. Coaching Programs are designed specifically to help develop positive life skills. Coaching helps teens and young adults understand how to live better lives and problem-resolve as well as to be proactive, exercise personal leadership and growth. The positive or negative skills that teens and young adults learn in the present have a huge impact on their future. Therefore, taking the time to learn research proven functional skills helps the teen or young adult avoid or recover from common pitfalls as well as positively influence personal fulfillment and success.

Coaching is for people who want things to be different in their life and like the coach of any sport, my goal is the help you perform to the best of your ability.

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Academic Coaching

Heather has helped my son step-up his motivation and get the work done. He is now able to see the end game, where before he was just chasing his tail. Best part is I’m not nagging as much and we get along better.

Parent, Class of 2021

The program has helped me stay organized and get caught up on my work.

Student, Class of 2019

It’s nice to have someone to talk to who shows me how to apply these skills to other areas of my life.

Student, Class of 2020

Heather has helped me identify my strengths and work on my weaknesses. I am improving my relationships and thinking about college.

Student, Class of 2019

Increases self-awareness… quickly assesses strengths and weaknesses

The Wall Street Journal

Teaches essential life skills


Life coaching for kids is not just about streamlining study habits or staying organized. It’s about young people taking control.

Associated Press